Bathroom Tiling

Cost Effective Bathroom Tiling in Newcastle

Looking to get your new bathroom tiled? Or do you want to spruce up an old bathroom with a new tiling job? Whatever fits your bathroom’s needs, our Newcastle bathroom tiling team is willing to provide!

Drawbacks of Newcastle bathroom tiling

The decision to tile a bathroom seems like a no-brainer for most homeowners out there. The underlying query seems to be: “why wouldn’t you want to tile your bathroom?”

This mentality explains why most new homes are built with tiled bathrooms already in mind, and why owners of old homes have bathroom remodelling with tiles.

As with any construction or remodelling project, however, there are a few disadvantages working against getting bathrooms tiled. Luckily, the benefits more than make up for the bathroom tiling’s shortcomings.

A few reasons why some people opt out of getting bathrooms tiled are:

  1. Tiles are not the most durable option (ceramic tile, in particular, is not advisable material for tile flooring),
  2. Ease of cleaning is dependent on the type of tiles, their texture, and their finish, and
  3. High cost and installation difficulties sometimes act as deterrents (especially with more expensive tiles, such as porcelain, granite, and slate).

Bathroom Tiling

Why choose our Newcastle bathroom tiling services

Despite these disadvantages, bathroom tiling would still be beneficial for most new Newcastle homes because:

  1. Bathroom tiling protects the walls and floors from water damage.
  2. Bathroom tiles are naturally resistant to water because of their treated finish.
  3. Most of the tiling available in the market is fairly easy to clean, keeping upkeep relatively hassle-free.
  4. Bathroom tiling comes with a large possibility for customisation. Choose form a variety of colours, sizes, and styles available to make the choices dizzying at times.
  5. The wide range of choices allows for different design tastes to manifest in your bathroom, whether traditional or avant-garde.

bathroom tiling

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